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Track any MOBILE PHONE in less than 5 minutes.

How to find any mobile (cell) phone worldwide?

Mobile Phone Tracker is the first website for finding any mobile phone worldwide as long as it has GPS available! Our Phone Tracking service provides worldwide tracking for just about any mobile phone on any carrier. Wanting to find your lost/stolen phone, knowing where your girlfriend/boyfriend is or you just want to find out where your child is at the moment, DON'T WORRY! With our tool you can find the phone with ease and in less then 2 minutes!

How does it work?

Our free tracking service is user-friendly and easy to use. On the Tracking page you choose the country, the provider and type the phone number and click the Search button. The location will be tracked and showed to you in less then 2 minutes! If you are un-sure about what I am saying you can watch the INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO:

It asks me to complete a survey, WHY?

As you already know, hosting this phone tracking service is free for YOU, but we still have to pay for the server. So in order for us to keep providing this service we require from you to complete one free survey and then the locator will unlock.Our surveys are free of charge and it is painless to complete one. It takes about 1-2 minutes and it really helps us a lot with the costs! Pretty fair for the both sides!

Main features of the PHONE TRACKER!

GPS Powered

Using 3 GPS Satellites to locate the number.


Perfectly used to find lost or stolen phones.

Responsive Design

Made easier for even teenagers to use.


100% chance of finding the phone.

"I lost my iPhone 7+ and I couldn't find it. But after watching the video I tried finding it with your page and finally I have located my phone. It was stolen and the thief was found!"

Anonymous User #532, satisfied user